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MRP - Rs 590/-

The Brawn Protective is made of the main ingredients which are wheat, red rice, soya, moong dal, and processed fenugreek seeds

These ingredients are rich in nutrients , which benefit tissue growth and haemoglobin formation. This product also reduces risk of heart diseases.

Protective is a highly recommended product for pregnant and lactating mothers as it ensures healthy growth of foetus and formation of milk proteins. 

Protective is geared to protect the integrity of these comfort zones by controlling metabolism and blood pH levels, so its users can constantly live on edge .

Enjoy with milk

Note: Read instructions before using milk some product does not need to be mixed with milk.

Oatmeal and Berries Yogurt

Enjoy with yogurt !

Add pinch.. see magic !

Enjoy with you fav salad

Add on as topping i:e spoonful of it

Glasses and Notebook

Or simply enjoy with water..!

Pure bliss !

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