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Product Information

MRP - Rs 590/-

The Brawn Improve is made out sprouted finger millet (ragi), wheat, moong dhal,flax seeds,  processed fenugreek seeds.

Improves provides the customer with balanced improvements in all nutritional spheres.

The sprouted grains used in the product enhances the digestibility by providing a high nutritious value;

Vitamin C is elaborated and phosphorous availability is increased.

The starch and proteins are partially degraded, making the porridge easier to digest.

Fenugreek seeds, present in Improve, have been dulcorated to make it more palatable. 

Omega 3 fatty acid in flax seeds, with high DHA, accelerates brain growth and comprehensively fulfills the nutrient requirements

Being rich in soluble fibres, it reduces blood sugar levels, proving useful for diabetic patients.

Enjoy with milk

Note: Read instructions before using milk some product does not need to be mixed with milk.

Oatmeal and Berries Yogurt

Enjoy with yogurt !

Add pinch.. see magic !

Enjoy with mashed vegetables 

Add on as topping i:e spoonful of it

Glasses and Notebook

Or with clear soups.

Pure bliss !


Improve encompasses the valuable nutrients to keep the mind in sync with its senses.

In addition to improving neurological functions in the brain, it establishes an efficient coordination between systemic functions such as respiration and digestion. 


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